This morning, while out for a mountain bike ride, I ate a bug. Rather, he flew into my mouth while I was on a fast descent.

It was a big bug. I’m hoping a fly. I don’t know why, but I want to believe that. No logic being used here.

It buzzed around inside my throat while I guzzled water, hoping to drown it before it continued its own single track adventure toward my digestive tract.

As in life, we get unpredictable stuff thrown our way (or down our throats) and we have to work around these situations. It’s important to remember the value in these moments. Unplanned events can come with the most unexpected gifts.

My bug? If it really were a fly, it beats out ants, bees, crickets and beetles in protein content. So if I were to have to eat a bug, a fly is a good way to go. My protein shot for the day.

An unexpected nutrition boost whilst cycling. Life is good.

Well, maybe not for the fly.