Just because something seemingly transitions into the abyss of becoming obsolete does not necessarily mean its ultimate demise. Granted, coming up with new and exciting marketing ideas is exhilarating and abandoning an old idea is sometimes the best means of approach.

However, sometimes something old can become something new. And with the resolve of using what we have to work with, we breed ideas that give life to words like funky, distinct and dynamic to describe them.

Thinking outside the box is just what the city of London did when they had less use for their traditional and internationally known red telephone booths. With the death of the hard-wired phone comes the death of these cultural UK icons, right? No! Painting them black and turning them into wifi hotspots breathes new life into something aged and honoured.

Even though a few red telephone booths still adorn the streets of London, so now does their cousin, the black wifi booths.

Job Done.