I am blown away at the number of my Toronto peeps who are completely unaware of The Path Underground system.

Most people think this subterranean sidewalk exists only in pieces. However!! Did you know that this fully connected 30-km tunnel is continuous and deemed by Guinness World Records as the largest indoor mall in the WORLD?! That’s right. Its marble decor and pristine shops, bakeries, boutiques, clinics, banks, cafes and restaurants make it a city in itself. You can walk from Queens Quay all the way to Dundas and Bay! It connects us to the ACC, CN tower, Rogers Centre and more.

How awesome that we can still be active and continuously walk indoors during Canada’s horrific, winter months. Thanks, Timothy Eaton, for constructing the first part of this tunnel under James St. in 1900. From there, others have connected, added on and continued this amazing system iconic to Toronto. With other cities now using The Path as a model to plan their own future systems, it’s amazing that this is still an unknown feature to the locals who live in the city — right under their feet.