Social Media connects you to your customers. Let us design compelling banners, icons and other visual introductions. Need movement on these static pages for extra showmanship? Consider cinemagraphs.

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Some companies depend on their website to constantly inform, but if a tight marketing budget can’t allow for a customized, code-based site, WordPress can be a viable option.

To demonstrate the power, the site you are looking at was designed on the WordPress platform. By changing the colours, fonts and images, a common template transforms itself into a truly unique brand. The best part? Fully editable by you, giving you the power to change your content in a flash.


Anyone can have a blog, but not everyone has a visually unique one. We can assist in adding your corporate branding to your blogs to ensure that colours and logo treatments are consistent with the rest of your corporate personality.

We work our “design magic” despite the limitations of your template to ensure maximum appeal.


Youtube and the video platform is the new (and crucial!) marketing paradigm. The present and future of reaching people lies in video format. Problem: Producing video is time consuming and costly. Solution: We have come up with a concept to allow companies to get there at a fraction of the cost.

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