We all carry one.

Depending on our perspective, an outcome can leave us feeling disappointed or satisfied when reality presents itself.

Example: I ordered pancakes the other day at a trendy restaurant. Special treat. Was told this place was “pancake heaven” by many close and trusted colleagues.

My Perspective: World’s Best Pancakes.

Reality: Management had recently changed, unbeknownst to me. They presented many exciting flavours and fusions, but no pancakes.

Result: Disappointment

Having a relationship with ambition and the real world is a balance with which we  all struggle.

When you are in the market, whether in business or in life, it’s important to consider a key ingredient to success: change. Because it alters from your original perception, don’t fear the newly revealed path.

Instead of holding on to old ideas (aka pancakes), contemplate the new (rosemary-infused eggs benedict?! Yes, please!).

When working with clients, I find the most successful marketing campaigns come from a place of open-spaced, creative thought. Forcing an idea on its original path could take your goals away from lucrative, unimaginable places.

Perspective. We all have one.  But we need to have many.