When shooting video, our clients always seem surprised at the amount of equipment and detail required when it comes to lighting a room.

As we set up camp at a location, we commit to creating just the right mood and hue in order to capture the perfect balance.  Brightness is only the beginning.

We don’t like boring our clients with the intricacies involved in getting them to look their best on camera. Just because it’s our love and obsession, doesn’t mean we have to bore them with back lighting, key lighting, three-point lighting, fill lighting, natural lighting, contrast, colours, softboxes, popcorn shrimp, fried shrimp, Bubba Gump shrimp..Oh, whoops! I lost my point there for a second.

So, yeah! Lighting. It’s vital in getting just the right image. Pretty crucial, actually. So when we invade your board room, warehouse, or pretty much any location, we will come prepared so you look your best.

Don’t count on any shrimp, though.