When you know your audience, you can target a marketing campaign perfectly. So when a summer camp wanted to take advantage of warm days despite the back-to-school call-back for their junior clientele, they switched their direction.

Appealing to an audience of active adults, they marketed “Camp Yoga” for adults who could choose from an array of activities, sign up for electives and experience an adult version of a weekend, summer camp.

I partook in this venture recently and it was a really cool experience. Camping inside a bunker, waking up for sunrise canoe rides and experiencing an array of bootcamp, high ropes and yoga classes, I decided this place spoke to my inner-child that never got to experience camp.

With post workout campfires and a Hawaiin-themed dance party, Camp Yoga is a brilliant example of  switching up the ‘norm’ and thinking outside the box of regimented business models. They extended their season while advertising to an entirely new clientele, such as myself, who slept a total of 9 hours in three days because this camper stayed up way passed her bedtime.

Take – Away: Think Outside the Box and Direct Marketing Energies to a Whole New Arena